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Dennis Fearon founded Feron's fine woodworking in 1982. For more than 24 years Dennis has honed his skills by creating custom pieces of all sizes. Dennis Loves to work with wood and this love of the art can be seen in each piece Dennis creates. Fearons Fine Woodworking builds furniture to last. Dennis offers after the sale services to help keep your new heirloom looking great for years to come.

Durability:  Wood is one of the best materials a craftsman can choose to work with. The raw strength, flexibility and underlying beauty that mother nature imparts to the majestic tree is transferred to the finished piece through the skill and artists eye of the fine craftsman. Fearons fine woodworking creates furniture that will stand the test of time. With basic care all of Dennis's pieces will hold their beauty for years to come.

Only the finest:  Fearon's uses only the finest finishes and we are happy to offer tips on how to care for you fine woodwork.

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