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Types of Wood

Dennis uses only the finest wood available  
The following are common wood species I use. Additional woods are also available, feel free to ask if you
do not see what you are looking for.

Red Alder
A fine-grained hardwood similar to Cherry, Birch, and Maple. Pale yellow (tan) to reddish brown in color. A soft, light wood with even texture and straight grain that accepts stain well.

White Birch
White Birch, medium hardwood, similar to Maple but not as consistent in color as Maple, good base for solid color finishes, accepts stain unevenly; mottles. Mottling is a blotchy appearance evident due to various densities in the wood. Not recommended for darker stains. Off white color, medium density, fine texture, straight grain.

Darkens with age at a very fast rate, pitch marks (worm holes), mineral streaks, medium hardwood, accepts stain well. Cherry is especially sensitive to light. Light will cause the wood to darken/redden significantly. Medium reddish brown color, medium density, fine texture, straight grain.

Hardwood, mineral streaks, accepts stain evenly, known for its ?wild? contrasting light and dark streaks. Light brown color, hard density, medium coarse texture, straight grain, strong, elastic, hard. Hickory has white sapwood and reddish/dark heartwood.

Hardwood, fine, tight grain, looks best with light, natural, or solid color finishes, yellows slightly with age. Not recommended for darker stains. Cream color, hard density, fine texture, straight grain.

Red Oak
Red oak, hardwood, open grain, accepts stain well, will darken slightly with age, grain pattern very evident when a solid color finish is applied. May vary in color from light to dark with possible shades of green.

Pine (Knotty)
Very soft, sappy wood, ambers (yellows) with age, knots and knot holes, open grain, looks best with a light or natural finish, mottles with medium to dark finishes. Pale tan color, soft density, fine texture, straight grain. Variations in wood density coupled with sap and pitch causes variations in color during staining.

Red Birch
A strong fine-grained hardwood with reddish-brown color. Usually finished ?Natural? to emphasize the reddish color and highlights in the grain.

White Ash
Hardwood, accepts stain well. White to light tan in color, medium density, coarse texture, straight grain.

African Mahogany
Medium reddish brown color, medium density, medium texture, predominantly straight grain, premier furniture wood.

Hardwood, dense, defined grain patterns, lightens with age and exposure to sunlight, best with a dark or natural finish. Dark brown color, medium hard density, medium texture, straight to irregular grain, premiere U.S. furniture wood.

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